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Life will present us now and then with the unexpected. This clearly is a time of major change for all of us. Not all of this is new nor is it novel. Even in the most normal of times we often do experience unwelcome events, the loss of a loved one, disability, addiction, economic insecurity, loneliness. To live is perhaps also to suffer. But we need not suffer alone. You will find me to be a compassionate, capable psychotherapist. Working together, I can help you to live a happier, more contented and fulfilling life. So then, where are you now? Where would you like to go from here? Would you like to create a new narrative? ​
I bring a lifetime of experience, understanding and compassion to psychotherapy. I received my PhD at the Wright Institute, was a post-graduate intern UCSF and UC Berkeley Postgraduate Fellow in Psychology at the Student Counseling Center. I continue to enjoy students, teachers, learning and writing. You might like my books Jung for Beginners and 12 Step Restorative Yoga. ​Available online, both inform my practice.

We can overcome internalized oppression. There is a special place in my practice for adult children of alcoholics and others who come from dysfunctional families. Those of us born into minority communities carry an additional burden. Relationship building can often be difficult quite apart from one's sexual orientation. We may need help to find our way. 

Meet dr Jon

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